Construction or Remodeling

Because construction activities impact other residents, the HOA requires approval before the construction or remodeling may begin.

Pre-Approval Requirements for Condo Owners

The owner seeking construction approval must provide the four items listed below, in order for the HOA to authorize the project.  

1 -A letter and/or appropriate diagrams detailing the work to be done.  (Smaller projects require only a letter detailing the work to be done.)

  • Structural Changes:  Structural changes require detailed drawings.  

  • Electrical changes: Only licensed electricians are allowed to perform work in the building.  Plans should reflect all proposed electrical changes.

  • Plumbing changes: Only licensed plumbers are allowed to perform work in the building.  Plans should reflect any plumbing modifications.  Existing galvanized couplings which are accessible because of this work should be changed at this time if possible.  Contact building manager for more information.

  • Building Permit: Structural and/or Electrical and/or Plumbing changes require a building permit.

2 -Copy of the unit owner’s current property and liability insurance certificate.

3 -Construction deposit of $200.00.

This deposit will be refunded at the end of the project if there are no fines.

4 -Completed and signed forms  (PDF forms are available here. Click HERE to download )

Construction / Remodeling Rules

These rules are designed to lessen the impact on other residents when a unit is being remodeled.  

The unit owner with construction activity is responsible for making certain all of these rules are followed whether they are doing the work on their own, or using a contractor.  If these rules are violated, the unit owner will be subject to fines. The unit owner is responsible for educating contractors and workers they employ on all of these rules, and demonstrating how to access the building for construction.

Rules Posted on Unit Door:  A signed copy of these rules must remain attached to the front door of the unit during the entire construction period.

Hours for Work:  All construction must be done between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday.  No work shall be done on Saturdays or Sundays or Holidays, nor after 5:00 pm.

Lobby Entrance:  All supplies, tools & materials must enter the building through the B2 garage and elevator lobby entrances.  No tools or materials may be brought through the front lobby.

Loading / Parking:  Construction and delivery vehicles must park on the street or the unit owner’s parking space. There is no construction nor delivery (loading or unloading) parking on the parking levels of the building.

Work Area:  All work for the construction must be done inside the condominium or on its balcony. Contractors may not set up or stage in other areas for fabrication.

Plumbing Issues:  Water Supply Main Valves:  There are 2 main water shut off valves for all units.  One is for hard water, one is for HOA supplied soft water.   Existing galvanized couplings behind fixture shut off valves, which are accessible because of this work should be changed to brass (see Building Manager)

Hard Surface Flooring:  The new or replacement installation of any hard surface flooring (tile, hardwood, laminate) must include sound insulation barriers.  These are installed between the cement and the hard surface flooring during installation.

Lift Slab Construction:  No channels or holes may be made in the cement floors and ceilings of the units.

Garbage:  Construction waste must be transported in sealed bags or containers through the common areas.  Debris may never be left in the common areas, it must be cleaned up immediately.  Waste from the construction may not be placed in the dumpsters. Contractors must dispose of it.

Elevators:  Only the south elevator is to be used for construction transport. The elevator must be padded when transporting large items (tools, construction materials, etc.). An elevator key may be obtained for use during major transport, but the elevator must be returned to normal service as quickly as possible. 

Cleanup:  The owner is responsible for keeping the common areas clean (halls, elevator, parking level lobby, parking areas, building) during the construction process.  Immediate clean up is mandatory.

Quiet: The door to the unit undergoing construction must be kept closed at all times to reduce noise transmission.  All workers should be instructed to help reduce noise whenever possible.

Security:  Garage and entry doors must be closed immediately after loading and unloading.  Contractor lock boxes are not allowed.

Completion of Project:  Completion of Project:  All construction must be completed quickly and efficiently within the approved time period granted by the board of trustees.  Any project which exceeds the approved period may be subject to fines for the disruption this causes other residents in the building.

Shopping carts: Shopping carts on the parking levels are not for contractor use.

Damage:  If there is any damage to the building caused by the contractor or workers, it must be repaired to the satisfaction of the board of trustees, or the unit owner will be held liable for the costs of the repair.