Fire Suppression Sprinkler Systems:

On November 25th, 2015, Salt Lake City Planning and Salt Lake City Fire Departments approved a 12 year phase-in program for full fire suppression throughout the Aztec building.  Travelers Insurance has also approved the 12 year plan.  Installation will begin with the common area sprinkler and smoke alarm systems in February 2016.  

After the common area system is installed, unit owners will be required to complete the installation of the fire sprinkler suppression system inside their own units according to the schedule listed below.  Each unit's fire sprinkler system will be connected just outside the unit's door, to the system installed in the common area hallways in 2016.  The cost for the installation of the individual unit's fire sprinkler system will be covered by the respective unit owner.   Cost for the installation can be lowered if all the residents on the scheduled floor(s) coordinate the work simultaneously with the sprinkler contractors.  No unit owner may "opt out" of this program.  Complete building fire suppression is required by the city.

This program provides all unit owners a minimum of five years to prepare for this expense.  

Cost estimates, in 2015 dollars, for the installation of fire sprinkler systems for various units are shown below.  These estimates do not include sheetrock removal, repair, or repainting of affected areas:

    • $5980  One bedroom units: 
    • $8075  Two bedroom units: 
    • $10,170  Three bedroom units:  
    • $18,254  Penthouse/Suites:  

Below is the time schedule, approved by Salt Lake City, for completing the building-wide fire sprinkler system:

    • Year 1 - 2016 - Common area fire sprinklers/ individual unit smoke alarm systems.
    • Year 6 - 2021 - floors 11 and 10 - individual units fire sprinklers completed
    • Year 7 - 2022 - floors 9 and 8 - individual units fire sprinklers completed
    • Year 8 - 2023 - floors 6 and 7 - individual units fire sprinklers completed
    • Year 9 - 2024 - floors 5 and 4 - individual units fire sprinklers completed
    • Year 10 - 2025 - floors 3 and 2 - individual units fire sprinklers completed
    • Year 11 - 2026 - floors 1, Lobby and B2 - individual fire sprinklers units and other common areas completed.